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J.R. Merritt Controls offers a range of standard and custom configured control solutions that meet the demanding, high-use machinery which is utilized in the Mining industry. Focused specifically on surface mining, our control systems are designed for high duty cycle applications and feature heavy duty components and construction that complement the harshest work environments.

From the buttons and functions to the output technology we partner with our customers to identify and design control solutions that meet and exceed the needs of their application. Single axis, multi-axis, and complete operator chair systems are available that can be custom configured for a range of surface mining machinery, including mining shovels, draglines, dredges, and more.


  • Mining Shovels
  • Draglines
  • Dredges
  • Drills
  • And more

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Why J.R. Merritt Controls?

Unmatched Quality & Reliability

J.R. Merritt's joysticks are manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest conditions and use. A stringent focus on quality control in our U.S.-based, ISO certified manufacturing facility ensures the utmost accuracy and quality of all our electronic joysticks and controllers.

Fully Customized to Your Requirements

Every joystick we build is as unique as its application and operator. From the handle to the output technology, we partner with our customers to identify and engineer the controls that will meet and exceed the needs of their application. When working with us, consider our engineers and technical staff an extension of your own team.

Ultimate Versatility & Functionality

Comfort and function are key when using a joystick or controller. With an extensive portfolio of handles, grips, buttons and switches, J.R. Merritt's interface solutions are engineered around intuitive operation and user comfort. Our team will work with you to recommend the best options that will suit the movement and actions of your operator and equipment.

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